Are you struggling with your song writing? Maybe you want to get your music heard by more people or want to shape up your marketing skill...

Song Writing Consultation: 

We find a lot of small upcoming bands have the basis of some really good songs but sometimes don't know how to finish them off until they get into the studio and therefor are wasting recording time and money doing what could be done in rehearsal time. Have Jay come down to your rehearsal session and sit down and go through the song together, breaking the song down and making sure each section works the best it can. If your writing for as purpose e.g radio then there are certain aspects of your song that could prevent that or could be added in order to greater that chance.  

PR & Marketing: 

Brand is a huge part of what's needed for a modern product these days, in this case a band or music release. Have our experts guide you through the basic steps in order to gain attention online, make the most out of your live performances and create an image for your brand weather that be off your own backs or if in a suitable position through endorsements. 

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