Jay Shredder was born in July, 1994 and raised in Worcestershire, UK. Ever since a young age he has had a huge passion for music in both the performing and recording world. Having mixed for a variety of bands and artists over his career, achieving various chart positions and awards for his productions. His credits include releases such as Gin Annie's '100% Proof', Devil's Playground 'The Collector' & most recently Straight For The Sun's 'No Tomorrow' with his work appearing on BBC, Kerrang, Skuzz, Planet Rock, HRH as well as international charts. 

Notable Achievements: 

Amber: Playlisted on Planet Rock 2020

Chart Positions: 

  • Dying to Live Again [Single] – #2 Amazon Rock Chart

  • Already Gone [Single] – #2 Amazon Rock Chart

  • 100% Proof [Album] – Top 10 iTunes Rock Chart

Devil's Playground
Straight For The Sun
Kim Izzard
Gin Annie
Black Water Fiend
Never Apart
Ale Of Adam
Daniel Nielsen - Statement