Have your music mixed and mastered by professional engineers that understand what it takes to sonically stand in a lineup with your idols. With a choice of hardware and software your imagination is the limit. 

Releasing your music on multiple platforms? Not a problem! We're up to date with getting the best results to make sure your music sounds great on all platforms including vinyl, Online streaming, CD and more. 

You can enjoy our online mixing & mastering service from the comfort of your own studio, simply send us the individual stems (separate files for each instrument) and let us do the rest. 


Mixing is the process that takes place once the recording stages are complete. In this step we take the stems (separate audio files) and clean them up make it all work together using a variety of equipment and techniques including EQ, Compression, Noise Gates, Limiters, and time based fx. This is where the arrangement of the track comes together and using automation we're able to have different parameters and volumes change at certain points of the song. 


Mastering is the final step of your music's progression in the studio where we take the final mic and add the last touches including Bus Compression, Saturation, Limiting etc to assure the audio translate well onto all formats e.g Radio, TV, CD, Itunes etc. Each format will have slightly different setting due to algorithms and the way that format is produced.  

If you are sending your audio in for our mixing or mastering services please click here to find some tips and 'must do's' before exporting your files and sending them to us.

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