Terms & Conditions

From band practice to recording, our terms & conditions lay out the way we operate to ensure we are always on the same page, if you're unsure about anything just send us a message.

Recording terms & conditions

When booking a recording session at Shredder Live Lounge Studios you are entering into a contract by which you are agreeing unconditionally on behalf of the band/artist to abide by the studio’s terms and conditions as detailed below.

Payment for recording

Any deposit required must be payed before confirmation is made. These deposits are non refundable. The remainder of the studio bill should be paid in full on the final day of your session. Failure to produce full payment will result in the studio withholding all copies of recordings, masters or session files until all fees have been paid and funds have cleared. Further failure to pay will result in prosecution. If the recording session is broken up over a period of time, payment may be required either in advance or in installments to cover time that has been used. Shredder Live Lounge reserves the right to implement these payment terms where applicable.

Breakages and damages to studio equipment

Any damage caused to studio equipment due to misuse and abuse will be charged to the band/individual. Refusal to pay for breakages will lead to exclusion and prosecution.

Backup and storage

All files will be backed up for a maximum of 6 months after the project has been completed.

Mixing and mastering 

SLL Quote Mixing & Mastering included in the price although if alterations are requested that include extensive editing (drum mapping, extensive vocal tuning etc) then SLL may add additional fee's set at an hourly rate. 

File sharing

Shredder Live Lounge will always send your files in a secure email containing T&C's regarding what the sharing policy is for that project. If a member of the band leaves we won't be liable to send any recorded material to the departed member and will have to be done through the remaining current artists of the band/group

Rehearsal cancellations

Sessions and bookings must be cancelled with a minimum of 4 working days. Failure to cancel sessions within this time frame may result in the full agreed fee being liable for payment. Cancellation requests must be emailed to Booking@ShredderLiveLounge.co.uk


After a form of payment has been agreed the person/s will need to apply to mangement via email to change method of payment.

If payment is made late then there maybe additional charges added.

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